Small Business Employee Benefits and Pension Plans

With more than 2 000 000 small businesses across Canada and close to 140 000 new operations starting up each year there’s nothing small about small business today. Small business owners are unique, they’re innovative and enterprising individuals who walk a tight rope to balance the financial well being of their businesses with personal success

If you own a small business, you already know that your business finances impact your personal finances. In fact, according to a survey conducted for Manulife Financial in January 2009, small business owners’ most important financial needs are a blend of both business and personal needs.

Mixing personal and business finances

For most small business owners, taking care of business means getting personal. They need to balance the business side of the ledger with personal needs. On the business side, small business owners are concerned with sales, profits and cash flow. They believe that attracting and retaining good employees is important. In fact, many have implemented flexible work schedules to retain top talent.

While on the personal side, they are concerned with saving for their retirement and protecting their families in the event of their death, illness or disability. If you are a small business owner, consider speaking with us to help get your business and personal needs in balance.

Ask us for a checklist of needs that can help you zero in on some of the key concerns you may share with other small business owners. We can provide valuable guidance in a number of areas where business and personal needs intersect. For example, they can help on business transaction :

  • employee compensation ;
  • business succession planning ;
  • asset protection to help minimize tax consequences.

L.S. Financial Services Inc. can help you secure some of the same great rates you already get on your business savings and loans for your personal finances. And with more and more small business owners relying on the sale of their business to fund retirement, we can help you combine succession planning with retirement planning.

These are just some of the ways that L.S. Financial Services Inc. can help you find the best solutions to meet both your business and personal needs through every stage of your business.

At the end of the day, it’s all about balance

We, at L.S. Financial Services Inc., pride ourselves in offering a variety of products to help you find the perfect balance between your business and personal financial needs:

The content of this page was inspired by a video from Manulife that can be viewed here.

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